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NHK on Demand


This app is designed to allow you to use NHK On-Demand. Please note that it does not support Android 7.0 Nougat.NHK On-Demand is a fee-based video service available only in Japan for viewing content broadcast by NHK on computers, smartphones, tablets, high-function televisions and other devices, using a broadband connection. With NHK On-Demand, you can see programs and news you missed, or older shows you want to see again, whenever you like.Available Content
1. Catch-up Programs This service provides around 500 ~ 600 programs monthly from among those broadcast on NHK’s four channels (General TV, Educational TV , BS1 and BS Premium). These programs will be available for around two weeks from either the day of their broadcast, or the day after.
2. News ProgramsNHK’s major news programs are available for one week, starting from a few hours following their broadcast.
3. Archives Selection This service provides around 5,000 classic dramas, documentaries and other programs carefully selected from the wealth of video resources held in the NHK archives. These will be made available in accordance with their rights licensing periods.
Sales StylesThere are three ways to purchase shows. You can either purchase catch-up programs or archives selection shows one at a time as “Singles,” get the “Catch-up Programs Unlimited Pack,” which gives you unlimited programs from among catch-up programs and news programs each month, or get the “Archives Selection Unlimited Pack,” which gives you unlimited programs from among the archives selection shows each month.
* Please confirm the details on the “NHK on Demand” website.PC: